Being the Type ‘A’ chick that I am, I need routine. And if there’s one thing we all know about the holidays, it means routines are out the window. I really do love my family and having special things going on, but now that we’re through the thick of it, I want normalcy back.

Friends are having a New Year’s party that I will probably be at, but the problem is being able to enjoy it. In North Carolina, there’s a zero-tolerance policy for alcohol on major drinking holidays, and if they so much as smell champagne on my clothes (somebody bumped into me, officer, I swear!), I’ll get the DUI treatment. It just really kills the buzz (pun totally intended…).

After two 12-hour days in the office, my head is in a fog and my coffee hasn’t jump-started my nervous system yet. And now I’m about to go fill my GI tract with grease and chicken. Wings anybody?


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