"But wait! There’s more!"

I’ve decided to start journaling about all of the habits I need to break and replace. (This list is long, therefore plenty of blogging material.) But first, I want to look at what I have accomplished (or been a part of) over the past ten years….
“Laura Shetley, this is your life……………”
1. Rang in 2001 in Kenya, baby! (Fireworks + local bushmen = scared 16 year olds.)
2. Graduated high school. Barely.
3. Spent a confusing 1st semester of college in the D.C. area.
4. Slacked off. A LOT.
5. Attended school for 8 semesters at a community college, only to realize my true goals in life and get an Associates in Arts to transfer. (See #4.) (Still have Spring and Summer before fully finished with said community college. And yes, my mom is proud.)
6. Earned my drivers’ license, two speeding tickets in differing states, and an accident that wasn’t my fault. No, really.
7. Held 13 different jobs, including the ones in academy, summers, the semester in DC, and then everything else. (For the record, I can hold down a job just fine, thank you. Now, anyway.)
8. Have done some really stupid things. The kind of stuff that, if your mom found out about it? She’d be in the fetal position rocking and crying out, “What have I done? What went so, so wrong?”   (Hi Mom!)
9. Have made and lost some amazing and not-so-amazing friends.
10. Finally pinpointed what I wanted to do for the next ten years!

So much has happened that’s shaped who I am now. I could have done without some of the lessons I learned, but I sleep at night knowing I’ve learned from them and they weren’t wasted mistakes. I’m liking who I’m turning out to be, but there’s so much more to do, to see, to learn, and to become. And hopefully, with a lot of hard work and even more prayer, I’ll get there.


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