end WHAT now?

Have you ever heard of the SDA’s enditnow campaign?


I’m not suprised.

The enditnow initiative is an effort by the SDA Women’s Ministries and by ADRA International to raise awareness about violence against women around the world. The effort aims to combat sex trafficking, domestic abuse, genital mutilation, and much more. It is by far the boldest move the Adventist church has made in the international community in years.  

The campaign was launched in October of 2009 with the hopes of raising 1 million signatures for a petition to be delivered to the leader of the United Nations exactly one year later, in October of 2010. Sounds great, right?

Unfortunately, there has not been an overwhelming PR component of this movement backed by the church. Were there mailings sent out? Were there Conference Community Service leaders traveling to larger churches to help get the word out?  Were there DVDs sent out to churches, urging their support during Mission Spotlight or an offering? Not from what I can tell. And as excited as I am about this initiative, I’m just as disappointed in how it was executed.

As of the writing of this post, there were only 47,451 signatures. THAT’S IT. We’re less than 3 months away from the deadline, and we need 950,000 signatures…. What happened? I would love to talk with the head of this project and ask them what they planned on doing from the start to get the word out. Maybe they did have ideas planned and something unforeseen happened, keeping the GC from publicizing the initiative like it should have been, but I doubt it.

I’m moving to DC for school next month, and I have half a mind to head into Silver Springs to figure out what’s going on. This is a movement that could not only save women from undue violence, but could attract young adults between the ages of 21-35 to the church. This is something that age group can get behind! It’s relevant and an issue that is ‘on trend’, so to speak, it’s based on DOING something instead of simply talking about it, and the marketing and packaging is more modern than anything the church has done recently. Why aren’t we embracing this wholeheartedly???

If you want to do more than sign the petition (and PLEASE do so), shoot a quick email to your conference’s Community Services Director and ask them what’s going on. Why hasn’t your church had more information about this? Why hasn’t your leader been out to speak to your congregation about this? This campaign is too valuable to let it go away quietly. If we praise the GC, maybe they’ll do more like it!

Thanks for listening to my soapbox,


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