An example.


**loud laughing and running in the background**

“What’s that? I can’t hear you.”

**stomping from room above**


**thump thump (moving furniture?)**

“*sigh* I’ll have to call you back.”

Thus is an exaggerated example of dorm life.

I’m way too old for this. Not in simply years, but in mental maturity as well. I’m adjusting, though, and trying to remind myself that the harder I work the sooner I get out of here!

The first couple days of classes have come and gone, and my work load is definitely intense. I’m taking six classes, for a total of 16 credit hours. (If that credit hour-per-semester rate keeps up, I’ll be graduating next summer…) I’m taking a general health class, Jesus and the Gospels, Intro to Marketing, Principles of Management, Probability and Statistics, and what WAU calls Career Planning. Fortunately, they all seem to be interesting so far. Unfortunately, the reading requirements alone require hours of coffee-imbibing… But. I fully realize that college is more about being disciplined and accomplishing goals and proving you made it than the related material that you learn. So, I’m sucking it up, wearing my big-girl panties, and getting it done.

The heat here is killing me. I can’t handle much more of 90+ degree weather, regardless of how beautiful the weekend’s going to be. (Say it with me people: MID 70’s!!!) Despite that little pathetic gripe, I’m feeling very fortunate to be here. I feel like I’m finally in it to win it, with my class load and all that. I’m READY. I was born ready! This girl needs an adult job!

I miss Dane quite a bit, but like he and I talked about before, neither one of us would be focusing all that well if I was back in NC. We’re amazing time wasters. Quite experienced in putting off to-do lists, as well. I love you babe!

I HAVE A JOB. More on that later.

Love to all!

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