National Zoo

This past weekend, I swore that I’d get away from the campus and go do, well, anything. I couldn’t spend another day holed up in the dorm organizing, doing homework, or watching Covert Affairs on Hulu. I decided to visit the National Zoo, primarily because it’s free.

I went this past Sunday, knowing that it would be crowded, but grossly under-prepared for the onslaught of families with small children and stroller. THE STROLLERS. Oh my word. Let me tell you something, all you people without kids, these parents have learned to use the most cumbersome part of child rearing to their advantage. Oh yes. They know. There’s the mother with four kids, all under the age of 6, who uses the stroller to part the crowds in the panda exhibit so her little “angels” can watch the fluffy black and white ball of fur chow down on some bamboo. Then you’ve got the father who’s in charge of the twins for the duration while his wife takes a spa day and he’s decided to use the behemoth of a double-stroller to part the holiday weekend crowds as he swims upstream to get back to the parking lot. They have NO MERCY. Ankles will get nicked, flip flops will be yanked, and hips will be bruised as parents try to get their kids so tired, that maybe mommy and daddy can have some “us-time”. Please? Please go to sleep. Here, here’s an extra rainbow snow cone if you’ll  JUST GO TO BED BY 7:00. Please?!

Other than the war zone going on, I generally enjoyed my visit. The weather was nice, there was plenty of shade, and I managed to see some cool animals. I have to say though, it is hard going to a zoo where the main draw is animals you’ve already seen in their natural habitats. It did make it easier to get through the families… A quick glimpse, then off to the gelato stand!

Much love to you all,

P.S- I had some pictures ready to share, but I keep having formatting issues, so I’ll post them as soon as I get that worked out… I promise!


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