A Photo Retrospective, Part One

This morning, I thought we’d take a little trip together. We’re going to have a look-see at the photos I’ve been meaning to upload, or just simply couldn’t figure out how to upload them until now. A nice little retrospective of the year, so to speak…

Baby Cate was finally born! 

She’s not too excited about being out in the cold, though.
I took a trip to DC with a high school group (as a sponsor, thanks) and scouted out the school I wanted to attend. We saw the monuments at night, which I’d never done and it turned out better than I thought!
Also, the First Lady’s Inaugural gown and it was much more beautiful in life than in this photo!
Michelle's Jason Wu. Love!
It was after that trip that I decided to go for it. Follicly.
After getting my follicles all chopped off!
Aaaaaahhhhh. It felt so good to be free of the hair!
And then the magic happened. Divine intervention….well, intervened, and I met my Sweet Man. Again. (We first met in high school.)
This is our first snapshot together. Awww!

Our first snapshot together...
Then my Sweet Man and I went to Philly and DC together for his good friend’s college graduation. I loved this building!
City Hall (?) In Philly
I have to get ready for classes now, but there is plenty more to come!
(I’ll try and keep the photos of Dane and I to a minimum, though I do love seeing them, ’cause it reminds me that he’s all mine. So BACK OFF, GIRLS.)
Love ya!



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