Bits and Bobs

The past couple of weeks have been crazy! 

I’m so glad you’re all so forgiving, too, seeing as how I’m so behind in posting… Group hug!

Two weekends ago, Dane finally arrived. We had such a great couple of days together, including Sunday brunch at a top-rated, French DC restaurant. We toured the streets like a couple of lovin’ fools and were frequently referred to as “Mr. and Mrs. Taylor”. We didn’t correct them. (Hi Mom!)

The week following Dane’s visit was hectic with work and school and me pretending I didn’t have laundry to do. (When I make it big, that’s the first thing I’m paying someone else to do for me. Take THAT, Martha Stewart.) Mom and Dad arrived on Thursday, and for the subsequent three days, it was NON-STOP TOURIST. Which is cool, because they hadn’t seen the DC sights since I was a young’n and we took a family trip to visit my uncle and aunt. (I’ve seen pictures of this trip, and the 80’s were good to NO ONE.)

The weather was gorgeous, and if you’ve never experienced beautiful 70 degree weather on the National Mall, you are missing 0ut. There’s something special about the history  and the area, and if the weather cooperates, it creates an experience like no other. I imagine this is what New Yorkers feel towards Central Park. I totally get it.

I’m really starting to attach myself to this place. I’m settling in and enjoying my time here, despite the six classes I’m taking. After being in the city with Dane, it was easy to see us living here for a good portion of our lives. It just fits us so well, with him being into the history and me loving the refined city feel DC provides. Of course, staying true to my mushy romantic side would require me to state that anywhere with him feels like home. BLECH! My blood sugar just skyrocketed…

It was great having my parents around, but especially for the fringe benefits. My fridge is full again! I was pretty low on food, and despite having an all-the-cafeteria-food-one-could-possibly-eat pass, I just can’t do it 24/7. I now have homemade granola, bagels from our favorite place back home, peanut butter, bread, coffee, creamer, juice… I feel like a new woman. I also found this great kit at Trader Joe’s to make guacamole with. (If you’ve never shopped at Trader Joe’s, find the nearest store and GET THERE. I love their food! And it’s just such a happy place to shop…) It contained two avocados, two Roma tomatoes, a head of garlic, a lime, and two jalapenos. I made the guac on Sunday and it was so good!! Granted, it was challenging cooking in a dorm room with no counters, but I made it work. Also? Way too much garlic. I didn’t even know people put garlic in their guac, but there was no way all that was going in there… But still, it was a great treat, and it definitely didn’t last long!

So. The weather’s finally cooling off here and I couldn’t be happier. People around here have already brought out winter coats and hats, but I’m still walking around in t-shirts and flip-flops. I will ALWAYS be a North Carolina mountain girl!

I’m going to be working during the upcoming mid-term break, which is good. I’m looking forward to some extra money. But after that? I’m GOING HOME. The last weekend of this month is North Carolina time!!! Can’t wait! GET READY, ASHEVILLE.

 The parentals enjoying the sunshine on the Mall.

Much love!


One response to “Bits and Bobs

  • Callie

    OK, this picture of your parents walking is cute. Fits right in with my mental picture of them heading toward the metro saying… well, we'll just say that my mental picture has surround sound.

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