Too fat to love, apparently.

I’m alive!


I’ve been at home this past weekend, then had mid-terms before that, so I’ve been understandably M.I.A. for a while. I’m going to write about the past few weeks soon, hopefully by Wednesday, but I wanted to post links to these pages regarding a heinous Marie Claire magazine article that was written recently. The links are rebuttals and, quite frankly, should be posted by CNN or something. Both blog posts are perfectly succinct and get to the core of the issue without being hateful or negative. They also happen to be prime examples of why I read and and keep up with the two authors. Check it out!

The Awesome Jen Lancaster

Her Equally-Awesome Best Friend, Stacy Ballis



Some serenity for your evening.
(This is my home, FYI.)

4 responses to “Too fat to love, apparently.

  • rethought

    I think the two response articles are very well written and full of good points. The most salient of those is 'why did anyone think letting a current/former anorexic write about weight issues of any variety was a good idea?'.

  • Callie

    Yeah, body issues should be left to the professionals. I know this was an editorial (in Marie Claire) but for reals?! Marie Claire is like, the body issues people’s BIBLE! Let’s not make things worse already. I’m surprised the head editor let this one slip as this is one of the main reasons fashion magazines get slammed.

    • acivilurbanity

      I KNOW! How dense do you have to be to let something like this pass? I could do a better job, without any training. Unbelievable is the only word. And I appreciate the fact that one of the links I posted included the sentiment that the author is entitled to her freedom of speech, but we’re also entitled to call her stupid for it.

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