Gettin’ mah smart on.

Even though I’m in college, I still love to read, despite what the textbook publishers are trying to corrupt me with. (Knowledge. Psshaw!) But lately I’ve realized that I don’t read anything new or fresh… I read the same two or three authors regularly, and as fantastic as they are, I need something else.

I’m compiling  list of books I want to read, whether by new authors or ones I’ve read before. I’m always looking for great books, so post any suggestions in the comments section of this blog!

I found this book in Barnes & Noble this past weekend, and though I didn’t buy it, I did sit and flip through it for a while. As someone who is working towards a business degree with an international emphasis, this really caught my attention. Generally speaking, it’s about approaching business with a new, innovative mindset. The following quote explains it a bit better:
“Tapscott and Anthony Williams’ insights about the power of collaborative innovation and open systems, and their call to ‘reboot’ our institutions – usiness, education, media, government – hasn’t come a minute too soon. Macrowikinomics inspires by chronicling these pathbreaking developments and pointing the way forward for all of us.”
–Eric Schmidt, CEO Google

This book I actually did buy this weekend and so far, it’s totally worth it. As someone who’s grown up with digital technology as the primary force of communication, I knew all of the different methods were available (RSS, micro-blogging, blogging, social networking, etc.), but to strategically incorporate them into a marketing strategy is a concept that’s less obvious. Again, with my major being what it is, this is fascinating to me. The book is focused on entrepreneurs and small-business owners and managers, and shows the necessity of tapping into the Digital Age to connect with your customers.

Ms. Jen is hilarious. I read her first book, Bitter is the New Black, several years ago, but for some reason, I haven’t read her subsequent offerings. (I blame college, yet again.) I literally cried with laughter the first couple of pages in to Bitter, and have since followed her blog, which is initially where her books evolved from. It is high time I continue on, because she’s now onto her fifth non-fiction wonder, and has just recently finished writing her first novel. (I am SO behind the times.)

Meet Jen’s best friend, Stacey. They are frequently mentioned on each other’s blogs (Stacey’s can be found here) and are an unending source of entertainment, debate, and fairness for their readers. (Stacey and Jen are the authors of the blogs I sent you to over the absurd Marie Claire article.) I haven’t read anything of Stacey’s before, but knowing that she’s so highly recommended by Jen is enough to pique my interest and I’ll end up buying at least one (if not all) of her books.

I’ve been wanting to read more biographies/memoirs lately. I feel like if I read about great people, maybe I’ll be one? Though I’m pretty sure by reading about Nelson Mandela and the amazing efforts he’s made during his lifetime won’t turn me into a black man in his 90’s, I do hope to learn more about the peaceful man who’s lived through a century of turmoil. I haven’t endured a quarter of what he’s been through, but I do believe I can learn more about loving others through his experiences.

These are just a few examples of what I’m trying to find time to read. Do you ever have that feeling of going into Barnes and Noble or Borders that you could just immerse yourself in there for years, live off coffee, and re-emerge the coolest, most well-rounded human on the planet? No? Just me then.

Oh? And coming soon- “The College Girl’s Guide To Christmas: When Having More Gifts to Buy Than Money to Buy Them With, or How to Shop on Etsy.”

Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.

Much love,



8 responses to “Gettin’ mah smart on.

  • Callie

    Yes, I always feel smarter after a trip to B&N. Maybe because the conversation around me rarely includes the words, "Do you need to go potty?" LOL!

    • acivilurbanity

      Lol! I think we should throw a SERIOUS party for when both kids are speaking even moderately articulately and when they’re both completely free of diapers and boobs. If there’s ever been anything worth celebrating…

  • Cheekie

    I totally have that Barnes & Noble fantasy. My problem would be that I’d read 1/3 to 1/2 of a book and then get excited about another book and start reading that… and so on… until I emerged as, like, half of the most well-rounded person on earth. The most semi-circular person, if you will.

  • Chris Moore

    Business in the web 2.0 world is up my alley, so here’s a couple of my suggestions:

    Linchpin and Tribes, both by Seth Godin. I haven’t read the former yet, but Tribes is about leadership. It was a quick read, but I attribute that to Seth’s engaging writing style. I highly recommend his blog as well.

    Free Agent Nation by Dan Pink. If you haven’t read it yet (released in 2002), get it soon. Seminal book on working in this new (read, terrible) economy of ours. It re-wired my brain as far as education is concerned as well. He has a blog as well.

    Brother West by Cornel West. Speaking of…it would be wild to see you turn into a middle-aged black man who hasn’t cut his hair or shaved in forever. Seriously, the book was inspiring.

    And to the commenter above, I feel your pain. But I’m the type to intentionally have 2-3 books going at a time, especially if they fall into similar categories. So it’s not the worst thing.

    Like the blog, Lo. I’m a WP user too, so if you ever need some code h4x…

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