Epic Christmas Post

Author’s Note: While not horrible, there are some formatting issues with this post that I blame WordPress for. There’s some spacing issues and the pictures are not all the same size (or even close). I’m sorry and I hope you enjoy it anyway! -Lo

Do you realize there’s only about 40 days until Christmas?

Are you ready?

Wait! Don’t hyperventilate!! I don’t want to be responsible for any hospital visits, thanks.

Fortunately for you all, I lurve Christmas. I love the scents, the food, the glitter, the coziness- all of it. And so, I’ve decided to compile a few lists of my Christmas favorites-movies, songs, recipes, etc.-and each week until the holiday, you’ll be able to find a new list. Hopefully, you’ll be able to use one or two suggestions from each one!

Please leave me your favorites in the comments after each post, and if you tried one of the suggestions, let me know how it worked out!

Laura’s Favorite Things, Part Un

(And you can simultaneously learn to count to six in French! I’m here for you.)



#1: Movie Fave:

Home Alone Poster

I love this movie! And what’s not to love about a John Hughes Christmas movie? McCauley Culkin was the perfect choice as a Dennis the Menace-type kid left behind while his family flies to France for the holiday. The factor that made this movie so awesome was, while hard to imagine a kid dreaming up all those defenses on his own, they were completely doable. You just have to be sure the two guys robbing YOUR house are that stupid.



#2 Scrumptious Recipe

For the past few years, I’ve been seeking out The Perfect Fudge recipe. As of yet, I have not found it. I’ve also been honing my technique, which I’ve come to realize is a huge factor into making great fudge.

As a gift, fudge is perfect (unless somebody’s diabetic, lactose-intolerant, or just too crabby to enjoy awesomeness) because it’s so customizable! Once you get the chocolate base down, and you may need to make several batches before you do, you can add different nuts, dried fruit, candies, and extracts to create endless variety. Package the fudge in a holiday tin or a Mason jar (I love them!) and you’re good to go.


Since I don’t like the recipes I’ve used so far, I went to All Recipes to find the highest-rated fudge recipe in all the land. What I discovered was Aunt Teen’s Creamy Chocolate Fudge recipe. It has 4 and a half stars, with over 1300 votes! The comments offer great advice and tips from people who have already made the dish, some even several times, and know what works and what doesn’t.

The thing about making fudge is that you have to work fast; have everything pre-measure so that you can add ingredients quickly. Follow the directions exactly, and keep your heat in check so it doesn’t scorch the sugar.  I can’t wait to try this recipe!

#3 Worthy-of-your-monies Etsy Seller

This Christmas, I’ve decided to buy all my gifts from Etsy.com. Have you ever visited? It’s an online community for sellers who  make their own goods. There’s a HUGE variety and literally something for everyone. There’s also something at every price point, which is nice, since we may be shopping for wide variety of people in our lives. (Sorry, mailman. No flat-screen HD TV for you this year. Next time, don’t lose my magazine.)

Each post, I’m going to feature a different seller, and hopefully there’s someone on your list their offerings can accommodate. This week’s seller is PhotoNode, who takes some amazing pictures. She sells them in various sizes and prices accordingly. An 8×10 usually sells for $18.

I’m loving this gorgeous leaf photo!

Rainy Autumn - 8x8 Photograph

I think the photos are able to work with a variety of tastes as well, due to the variety of colors she captures. You can find something that will blend in with your home decor, or stand out, depending on what you like. Have fun choosing!

#4 Life-Changing Christmas Song

We’ll start this category off with a classic: Elvis’ “Blue Christmas”. I love everything about this song, from the backup singers doing their woo-woos, to Elvis’ quivering vibrato. The images this song conjures up are wonderful, thanks to lyrics like “decorations of red on a green Christmas tree” and the song’s title. Also, if you happen to have recently broken up with someone, you can put this little gem on repeat, find yourself a bottle of sparkling grape juice, and get lost in despair. Just an idea.

I want to do this for my house EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR.

#5 Frugal Holiday Fashion

At some point this season, you’re going to a holiday gathering of some sort. Even if you don’t do the standard office party or a swanky friend’s dinner party, you’re at least going to get together with your family. (Right? No? …….. Have some fudge.) Why not look bangin’ while stuffing your face? Bad news? You are going to have to put on something that involves more than just elastic. Good news? You can get the perfect pair of shoes for both Christmas AND New Year’s in one fell swoop. Behold…

Bow Dress Shoe

These little pretties are by Isobel Toledo for Payless. Aren’t they great? Imagine them with a pair of black dress pants (some even have elastic panels in them!), a soft, pretty sweater, and a statement necklace. The best part? They can do double-duty for both Christmas and New Year’s! (What? I’m a broke college student, so I felt the need to reiterate that fact.) At Payless.com for $44.99.

#6 AccuRadio= No more hunting for those Christmas CDs!

The first time I discovered AccuRadio was a couple of Christmases ago, before they were as established as they are now (and still growing!). It was an amazing find, and now, several years later, I’m still loving the flexibility they offer. Their library consists of thousands of Christmas songs; all the popular ones we’ve heard a million times and plenty of the ones we haven’t. (They also offer music for the rest of the year… Really cool channels.)  They do have commercials, but they’re really discreet and are only AccuRadio’s ads. Each week I’m going to feature a different station.

This week is all about…

Blue and White Christmas - Holidays Radio

DUH! This was too perfect, since “Blue Christmas” is the song of the week. This channel plays literally nothing but various versions of “Blue Christmas” and Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas”. There really are enough versions to dedicate an entire station too… Head over and see what you think!


See you next week!!


P.S.- All of the photos in this post are from the sites featured. I don’t want to be busted for copyright infringement. I have too much to live for.


6 responses to “Epic Christmas Post

  • Callie

    Movie Fav: Home Alone… epic. I tend to shake off my girlyness and indulge in a little Bond-a-thon and Die Hard at Christmas. This is usually to please Andy but I can’t say that I don’t get a certain sense of satisfaction by living vicariously through John McClain shooting up stuff. He usually let’s me watch White Christmas.

    Recipe Fav: Well, you already know my compulsion for a turkey leg every now and then and I have to admit that my Dad’s turkey that he makes in one of those totally awesome meat cooker things is AMAZING and I always get the leg.

  • Cheekie

    Um, yeah. I LOVE fudge. I’ve been known to visit Kilwin’s after dinner (or lunch, or breakfast… who am I kidding?) solely for a free fudge sample.

    Also, my friend Rachel has an awesome etsy shop–she makes vegan bath and body products. They are yummy! http://www.etsy.com/shop/ajoeynamedroo

  • Lynn

    I love that you’re pimping out Etsy!

    I haven’t gotten too excited about Christmas yet, but I am now!

    Speaking of, what dost thou desire? (Make it easy on me: Jewelry? Gimme an item (earrings/necklace) or color, sweetcheeks, and you got a gift). Didya like my parenthesis within a parenthesis?


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