Epic Christmas Post, Part Deux.

After much suspense (and sickness), epic Christmas post #2!!

Laura’s Favorite Things

(Too much? No? Yes?)


#1 Awesome Christmas Movie

While being yet another twist on the classic Dickens story, Scrooged managed to add an adult, sarcastic slant that felt fresh at the same time. It originally came out in 1988, after other hustle-and-bustle business movies like Wall Street (1987) and Baby Boom (1987) set the tone for the last years of the 80’s and the first few of the 90’s. Bill Murray is a classic Scrooge, with his style of humor and comedic delivery fitting right in with the grumpy, embittered stereotype. Karen Allen plays his love interest, and after Indiana Jones, she can do no wrong, in my opinion. This movie is DEFINITELY only for adults, and as someone who watched this as a kid and freaked out, I know why. The ghosts get a little gruesome, though not by today’s standards. Just save it for you and your grown-up homies, k?



#2 Yummy Recipe

I love a good leftover-turkey sandwich. (Or Dinner Roast, depending on your preferences. Ha!) But sometimes, that gets a little old, especially if you have turkey at both Thanksgiving and Christmas. So for the sake of variety and trying something new, I looked for a recipe that would use up leftovers, but still be as comforting as the classic sandwich. This is what I found:

Tex-Mex Turkey Soup. Doesn’t that look dee-licious? A quick and simple recipe that uses ingredients you probably already have. And if you don’t? An inexpensive trip to the grocery store will set you up. I love spicy food, so I would add lots of cayenne pepper (which the recipe does not call for), but for those of you who are more sensitive to the capsaicin you encounter, this soup won’t leave you chugging milk straight out of the jug. It’s also relatively quick, and I bet it can be made in larger quantities and then frozen, so you can have a full meal in just a few minutes. Fabulous!



#3 Worthy-of-Your-Monies Etsy Seller

Knotworkshop is one of the best sellers on Etsy I’ve found so far. Be careful, though!! If you are easily offended or not down with sarcastic, occasionally (okay, frequently) crude humor, then PLEASE don’t check this out. I don’t want to hear about it later. However, if you ARE down with all the above, you’re going to love this shop!

How I  roll funny coffee mug cozy handmadeHow I  roll funny coffee mug cozy handmade

Behold: a mug cozy. Normally, this is saved for your grandma’s lap desk for when she watches Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune EVERY SINGLE NIGHT OF THE WEEK. Add these cheeky sayings and BOOM. Instant hipster classic. These are all hand-crocheted in Apex, NC (woot woot!) and cost $10 per cozy. If there’s a coffee or tea drinker in your life who is on the same humor wavelength as this seller? They will love you for LIFE. Here’s another favorite:

Lebowski Dude Abides funny coffee mug cozy handmade

Get it? From The Big Lebowski? LOVE it.



#4 Touching Christmas Song

The Spirit of Christmas, by Ray Charles. There’s not a Christmas that goes by where I can’t listen to this song and not shed a tear. I know. Pansy. But have you listened to it?? It’s hard to deny good ol’ Ray’s charm anyway, but throw in the Christmas spirit and I’m done for. (It helps that this song was featured in one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE Christmas movies, but I’ll talk more about that at a later time.) Enjoy!



#5 DIY Fabulous

When I was thinking about the content for these posts, I wanted to be sure and include some DIY tips. Times can be harder around the holidays anyway, but thrown in the struggling economy, and we just can’t do things like we used to. This is also when creativity flows the strongest, I believe. Making do with what you have is never a bad thing. Helps us be a bit more grateful, non? The do-it-yourself tip I want to impart to you first is for something most of us think about for our Christmas dinner: a centerpiece. A little bit extra to make the meal feel more celebratory. But again, not many of us can run out and spend $100 or more on a professionally-made floral arrangement, right? Fortunately, the craft store (okay, fine. Walmart too.) carries lots of inexpensive supplies to help make your holiday a little bit more sparkly.

Magazine Christmas Trees

Aren’t these cool? These Christmas trees are made from magazines and some spray paint!! I found the tip and instructions on Martha Stewart’s website, and the Queen of the Home doesn’t disappoint. You know you have old magazines lying around, so why  not put them to good use? If you don’t already have glitter spray-paint (or for that matter, kids), you can hop over to any store that sells spray-paints and pick up a can or two for a few bucks. Martha even includes a video to show you how to make these great centerpieces. 3 of these trees in varying sizes and some off-white candles sitting on mirrors will make for an elegant table-scape on the cheap. If you make these, send me pictures!!



#6 AccuRadio Holiday Channel of Cheer

In keeping with the old-timey feeling of Ray Charles’ classic, it was only apropos to feature the Old-Fashioned Christmas channel on AccuRadio for the Holidays. Have you been to the site yet? What do you think?

Old Fashioned Christmas - Holidays Radio



I hope you guys are loving these ideas, please comment and let me know! I’ll be sure to post the next entry a bit sooner, too. 😉


Much love,

Laura Loo-Who


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