A Foodie Post

It’s the last two weeks of school, and I’m in the throes of a living stereotype. No sleep, fueled by coffee, and cramming like a maniac. I’m having so much fun! ….Not. But it’s what I get for being a procrastinator.

Meanwhile, I wanted to tell you about this awesome restaurant Dane and I went to (not for the first time) while I was home. If you ever get to Asheville, NC, you HAVE to try a French place called Bouchon. The food is such a departure from the usual fare in the best way possible and it’s become one of our special restaurants. The main entrees can cost between $10-20, so it’s really not too bad. There’s plenty of pricey places tourists dine at, but this is where the locals go, and that should tell you something.


For my dinner with Dane, we shared everything so that we could get more food and taste a wider array of items. We started off with this amazing Gratinée a L’Oignon (French Onion Soup).

There’s a crusty piece of bread in the middle, the soup all around, and then melted cheese that’s been browned on the top. It really is fantastic!



We also started with this baked brie wrapped in pastry with apples and a salad. Something new for me and totally worth it!

The small dollop is their fruit chutney, which comes on a variety of dishes. It’s amazing with brie!



Our main entrée was Le Steak Frites Bouchon, which is pan-fried steak topped with this unbelievable garlic butter that they make in-house. I’m not typically big on steak, but this was incredible. It’s served with some mixed veggies and their french fries and red pepper-mayonnaise dip.

Can you say “coma”? (Sorry, no picture of the fries. But you get the idea, right?)



For dessert? We had heard about Nutella cheesecake that was offered at the street vendor that’s owned by the same people who own Bouchon, and asked our waitress about it. She said the vendor was closed but she might be able to get us some anyway. She scored us the last piece! We tipped her VERY well.

If you know anything about my love of Nutella, then you know what a huge deal this was for me. It was unreal. The cheesecake melted in our mouths like silk and I almost cried.


Now I want Nutella.


Where is my spoon?


If you’re ever in Asheville, you now know where to eat! And feel free to take me with you. 😉


Much love,



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