A Diva Christmas

We’re finally in the home stretch! As things wind down here at school, I’m pretty busy with finals and projects (that I may or may not have saved for the last minute. Don’t be judgey.), so I won’t be posting as much until the end of the week. I did, however, want to get out another installment of the Epic Christmas series. This week is all about the divas of the holidays!



1. Mood-Setting AccuRadio Station:

How about a little grown-up time? Bust out some high heels and a martini (virgin or otherwise) and pretend to be a 1950’s Domestic Goddess for a night. Dance around to some classy Christmas music before your soirée begins.

Grown-Up Christmas - Holidays Radio




#2 Yummy Recipe

While you’re being all Martha Stewart about your holiday night, why don’t you fix something that makes a big impression but doesn’t require a lot of effort? You don’t want your hair to frizz from sweating, do you?

Cranberry Wassail

I really like that this is as comforting as the original, but adds a festive little twist. And basically, all you do is dump the ingredients into a pot (according to the recipe, of course) and go. It makes your house smell amazing, and that’s the first thing guests will notice after they walk through your professionally-decorated front door.




#3 Worthy-of-Your-Monies Etsy Seller

In keeping with the girlie theme of the post, this week’s seller is Lana0Crystal. A fellow North Carolinian, she makes really adorable-yet-sophisticated jewelry for the modern set. Her primary medium is silver, and along with other metals, her work features such themes as birds, trees, leaves, and flowers. She manages to incorporate natural elements without making them feel homespun. I love her work, and I’m sure the diva in you will as well!

matte white gold pine motif earrings - sterling silver ear wires

I love these pine and pearl earrings!! Her price points are really great, too. These beauties are only $20! Happy shopping!




#4 Awesome Holiday Outfit

When you go to any holiday party, you always need at least one (or 13?) sparkly accessories to get into the holiday swing of things. You know you’re going to wear that same little black dress like you always do (hey! if it ain’t broke…), so why not add a little flash to the mix with a new holiday clutch?

I really like this option because it’s got an Art Deco-feel to it, it’s a bit sophisticated, but  you can still have a LOT of fun with it. Remember those shoes I featured here? Wear them together and nobody will call you Scrooge! This clutch is from Forever21 (I know, but just trust me, k?) and it’s a mere $20.80.




#5 Favorite Christmas Movie

The whole idea for this diva-themed post came from this one movie:

Isn’t this awesome? Before Vanessa Williams was evil on Ugly Betty, she was an ego-maniacal songstress in A Diva’s Christmas Carol. Like this movie before it,  it’s a twist on the classic Dickens novel. It was produced by VH1, and I’m pretty sure I’ve watched it every year since 2000, when it first came out. The movie has a great cast, with Chili (the “C” in TLC), hottie John Taylor from Duran Duran, and Kathy Griffin as the Ghost of Christmas Past. If you don’t have it already, sign up for Netflix and watch this movie while you’re doing your nails.




#6 The Best Pop Christmas Song EVER.

A long, long time ago, I was introduced to this classic song. It’s not classic in the sense of any Bing Crosby song, but classic in the sense of Songs That Have Been Made During My Lifetime.


I’ll let the video do the talking. (Just for the record, I listen to this ALL YEAR LONG. MC can do no wrong. [Okay, except for Glitter. But whatever.])



I hope you all are doing well and enjoying getting ready for the coziest time of year! (Pray no bad weather keeps me from getting home!)


Much love from your favorite diva,



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