Christmas Catch-Up

I’m sitting in my bed, surrounded by chocolate, coffee, and new stuff from Christmas. Life is good, but I am definitely recovering from a chaotic week.

Since I’ve been too lazy busy to post, I’m going to give you a lot of information in short little bites and hope you’ll still come back to me in the future.


1. The days leading up to the end of the semester were hard. Hard. The work was tedious and there was plenty of it. I let it pile up until the very last minute, to the point where I was trying to push a bison uphill in the ice and snow. Naked. Everything worked out in the end, though, and I ended up with a 3.5 for the semester. I would have liked a better grade, but considering the circumstances (crazy health teacher, six classes, new environment, MISSING MY MAN HARDCORE), I won’t complain.


2. Thursday, the 16th, Sweet Baby Dane was supposed to fly up and land in Baltimore at 9:30pm and I was going to pick him up, and then Friday we would drive back to Asheville together. Of course, it begins to snow on Thursday. I’m already hysterical over the amount of work I have to get done, I’m not sleeping without Benedryl’s assistance, and I’m running on nothing but coffee. The thought of driving at night in crappy weather doesn’t please me, but then I began hyperventilating over the thought that he might not even make it if flights were delayed, etc. This is not good. I was assured from friends on Facebook that everything would be okay, yada yada. I’m still panicking.


At 4:15pm I get a phone call from Dane, wondering what I’m doing and where I’m doing it. He was supposed to be on the road to Charlotte with his mom, so I asked him if he was with her. I get “Um, no, I’m by myself.”

What? Are you planning on parking at CLT? What changed? Why does your voice sound like that? Dane, WHAT’S GOING ON??

“I’m at Takoma station.”

WHAT?! No you’re not!

“Yea, baby, I am.”


“Um, yea, I am. And it’s cold. This bus is taking forever!”

WHAT?! SERIOUSLY? (Imagine my voice 3 octaves higher than normal.) (This is where the heaving sobs began.)

“Will you come get me? It’s pretty cold out here…”

So I went down to the station and picked up the man who can NEVER keep a surprise. He got me. (Trust me, I will win this war. I am not to be out-played at my own game!) But I was so relieved he was there, safe and sound, and he was exactly what I needed. As usual.


3. The week leading up to Christmas was hectic, as per usual, but I wasn’t prepared for how tired and exhausted I was. My body was trying to find the normal it once knew, and I slept A LOT. Also? I was able to use a bathroom that only contained one toilet and a fully-functioning tub and shower. Such a luxury!!


4. It began to snow on Christmas morning. For Dane’s and my first Christmas together, we were given 8 inches of snow, which was the first time this area had seen a white Christmas since 1981, which, awesomely enough, was my parents’ first Christmas together. How cute is that??


5. I love that man with all my heart.


6. Dane bought me a new camera for Christmas! I finally caught up with the rest of world, as I went from a lowly 6 megapixels to 12! It’s amazing how clean and crisp the pictures are. This is the camera he bought, the one I wanted, and I couldn’t be happier. Now my pictures won’t suck so bad in my posts!!


Our little tree, with the new Nikon!


7. Our first Christmas split between families went rather well, considering I woke up feeling pretty bad. It just got worse as the day went on, but after breakfast with my parents (we stayed there Christmas Eve), we jumped in the truck and headed to his mom’s. We had a blast with his family, ate Indian food for Christmas Dinner, and opened prezzies. That family knows how to do stockings right! I have never seen so much chocolate in one place in my life, and this coming from the competitive Trick O’ Treater! They seem to have adopted me into the family, and I feel so blessed to get both an amazing man and an amazing family!


8. Green Bay beat the Giants last night, SOMETHING FIERCE. We still have a slim chance at the playoffs. This makes me happy.


9. I’m feeling very crafty today, and I think I’ll crochet. But I might make some jewelry. Or, I could take some pictures and make a calendar. I might do all three. I love vacation!


10. I am incredibly blessed-thank you for reading my blog! Have you signed up for email alerts yet? Follow me on Twitter? No? Oh… (Um, awkward.) I promise I don’t post enough for it to be annoying. Just enough to whet your appetite.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I’ll be back with some new posts soon, including much better photos!


Much love,

A Rather Festive Lo


*PS- I never got to it, but my favorite Christmas movie of all time? National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. I watch it in July.


2 responses to “Christmas Catch-Up

  • Callie

    Ok, if you are feeling crafty (and generous) I would like some one of a kind jewelry please. Lots of dangly, bling and excess! Not to matchy matchy but I got a nice green sweater, a nice pink sweater and a black pull over that I wear in rotation three day periods so you know what color to make everything. Ummm… I’m broke. But I LOVE YOU!!!!

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