For auld lang syne. Or something like that.

“Happy New Year!”


Man, I am SO on time. Could I possibly be any cooler?

Well, I do need to get a pedicure, but that would just make me shinier, not cooler.

I’m as awesome as one woman can be.

Except when living out of suitcases.


Which is what I’ve been doing for the past three weeks, and honestly? It’s getting old.

I don’t really know how to live without settling in and I’m horrible at couch-crashing. My dirty clothes end up being shoved into the various pockets of my suitcase, I tear up my perfectly packed t-shirts and lounge wear looking for that one elusive, fresh pair of underwear until my suitcase looks like it vomited cotton, and I can never find my tweezers. They’re always around, but I never find them until I’ve fully unpacked upon arriving at my final destination. My eyebrows never forgive me for these bouts of neglect.


Because I’ve switched programs from traditional to what’s basically the adult evening program, my classes started one week before the traditional students’ program does. AND because Fate continues to throw hurdles in my way, the dorm is closed until the day before THEIR classes start. Which means I had to come up early BEFORE the dorm is open to start classes WITH NO PLACE TO LIVE. I was literally considering sleeping in my car and showering in truck stops before a friend reminded me that she had space in her apartment I was free to take advantage of. (Bless her.)

Myself and Erika, who refused to let me sleep in my car.


This has been a serious source of stress for me, as the details of switching to this new program were starting to become overwhelming. Where would I live? What would I eat? What would I wear? (What? I don’t want anyone being able to look at me and say, “HEY! That girl’s living out of her car and taking showers with burly men who smell like diesel fuel! RUN!!”) And also? The school I’m attending doesn’t really do logistics all that well, obviously. Some would say it’s my own issue to work out, but it’s private, Christian education that definitely needs all the funding they can possibly get, so wouldn’t you think they would work for my money? Crazy, I know.


So I drove back up to DC on Monday (1/3) and arrived around 9:30pm, after having been up since 6:30 or 7 that morning and having been sick all weekend. The 12+ hour days continued, as I tried to register, get lab work done for a physical, and get back to work at my job. I’m thrilled to be busy, but last week was a bit much. Friday was my first free day and other than having my TB test read, I did absolutely nothing but lay in the bed. It felt uh-mazing. (Also? Oprah? GREAT JOB on the new venture. It ate up several hours of time…) I started to get sleepy (being lazy IS hard work, ya know), so I left the TV on and dozed as an HGTV show played in the background. My friend’s puppy softly snored while laying on the floor beside the bed as I buried further into the down comforter. My dreams were filled of incredible dining rooms with fabric-covered walls and dogs tracking mud all over the sisal rug. I had visions of kitchens with Viking ranges and Sub-Zero refrigerators and little doggies pooping on the maple flooring.  I managed to complete my R.E.M. cycle, but barely.


Anyhoo, long story short(er), all the logistics worked out. I started my classes and I think I might actually (gasp!) enjoy them. Work is the same, fortunately, and my work load has been lightened. Now I’m on the hunt for an internship or a job that will give me some direct experience for my career choices. (Which are changing, by the way. But that’s another post.)


I hope your holidays were amazing and that you were with the ones you love. Make any resolutions worth sharing?




Much love,



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