Thanks for all your reactions to my last post! I’m flattered you all are excited to read what I throw out there. Makes me all tingly… (Warm-and-fuzzy tingly, thank you.)

I was thinking about the New Year’s resolutions I have, ones that I didn’t intentionally form, but ones that just decided to take initiative and present themselves in my gray matter. I don’t get caught up in the “I’m not going to make resolutions ’cause I’m just going to fail at keeping them!” mentality. I believe we should challenge ourselves to become better. So what if you fail? You can always start right back up again and keep going. Nobody expects perfection right out of the box. Except maybe you.

So what are my resolutions? My Habits I Need to Change? My I’m Not Quite Perfect (YET) and Here’s How I Can Get Closer steps? Funny you should ask…


The “Laura’s-Got-To-Be-Awesomer” List:

1) More cowbell pictures!

Now that I have a snazzy new camera, I want to get into the habit of taking more snapshots of my life. I want to be able to look back at my single, kid-less life when I’m 50 and appreciate what I had. I want to remember friends who I lost contact with, those who I stayed in touch with, and the moments we all had together. I want my kids to admit that maybe at one point in my life, I was, in fact, pretty darn cool. (Context withstanding.)


2) Practice what you preach.

As someone who believes in Christianity, I want people to get that before I tell them. I don’t want to be a stereotype of what I say I believe or treat people the way they’ve been treated by people who have claimed that label in the past and haven’t done justice by it. Christianity is a GOOD THING. The people who have thwarted the positivity and the goodness that the religion stands for are NOT CHRISTIANS. Calling yourself by one label and living by another is not okay! So, I want to live like the Christian I claim to be and be more positive, loving, helpful, and humble. (That’s a doozy!)


3) Make opportunities happen.

I am a firm believer that you can’t sit around on your butt all the time, waiting for great things to fall into your lap. Those people who feel that way often don’t take responsibility for the circumstances they’re in and have some sort of victim complex that leads them to blame the world for the wrong that’s happened to them. We don’t read books about those people. Instead, we read about the ones who stopped making excuses and changed their circumstances. The ones who refused to take poverty, repression, or inaccessibility for their life story and chose to make something great of themselves. I want to be one of the latter group. I want to stop making excuses and start making solutions.


4) Be afraid. Be very afraid.

You know that quote that you see on magnets or coffee mugs in places like Barnes & Noble? The one that says “Do something every day that scares you.” Do you do that? Do you look for ways to get outside of your comfort zone? It doesn’t have to be climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro or anything (thought that DEFINITELY qualifies), but something that stretches you a little bit at a time. Ever dined at a sit-down restaurant by yourself? (without a book?) Seen a movie alone? Obviously these things are more fun with friends, but every so often, it’s good to do something just for yourself. So, I aim to apply this principle to my life, especially now that it’s time to shop for internships!


5) Little by little.

I’m generally a happy person. I like to give (most) people the benefit of the doubt, I see the glass as half-full, and I believe things will get better. I don’t have any major illnesses (thank GOD!), I have a strong social life, and I have an amazing amount of support from friends and family. Yet there’s always ways to be healthier, in mind, body, and soul. I know that a change needs to be in the lifestyle instead of looking for temporary, immediate results, and I want to find ways to better all three aspects. Every day, I want to make positive choices that benefit my brain, my body, and my heart.


6) Insta-facelift.

I need to fix the arches in my eyebrows.



I know these goals are a bit lofty (ESPECIALLY #6), but I’m not trying to have them accomplished by next week. I’ll work on them a little at a time and check back to see how I’m doing every so often, but if I don’t take 2000 photos this year? I’ll live. If I’m unkind to someone who really didn’t deserve it? I’ll ask for forgiveness and learn from the situation so that it won’t happen again. Baby steps, people. Baby steps.


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