You guys are great!


Which is why I need your input.


As part of my efforts to take advantage of this awesome city, and to fulfill objectives from yesterday’s post, I’m going to try and visit something new each weekend that I’m here (barring any weather problems, illnesses, or alien abductions). Whether it’s a museum, attraction, restaurant, or something off-the-wall, I’m going to explore and then tell you all about it. Cool, non?

The best part? You get to vote!

There really isn’t anything that I’m DYING to see first, so I’m putting together some options that are similar in nature, and you get to choose which one I go to first. Ready?

This week’s options are of the museum kind, and the most appealing attribute at the moment is that they’re free. (I am in college, let’s not forget.)


The nominees are…

1) National Air and Space Museum (National Mall)

While I have been here before, it’s been a really long time. I thought it would be good to revisit the classics, like the Spirit of St. Louis (seen below), and catch up on all the new exhibits. Seeing as how I’m from North Carolina, I have a natural vested interest in flight. 😉

Ryan NYP Spirit of St. Louis



2) National Museum of the American Indian

This is one I’ve never been to. When I was in D.C. in 2002, the site wasn’t finished and in the times I’ve visited since, I’ve never made it over. (I’m always at the Art Museum.) (BEST. GIFT. SHOP. EVER.) The American Indian museum looks really amazing on the outside, very Frank Lloyd Wright-ish, with water features and a domed roof. At this point, most Americans have some Native American blood running through their veins, so why not learn about this amazing heritage?




3) National Postal Museum

This is another museum I’ve never been to and I’ve heard good things about it. For example? They have an ENTIRE POST OFFICE inside the building. Pretty cool, huh? (Granted, it’s from 1917 and they weren’t that big then, but whatever.) There’s also various transportation vehicles used to deliver mail, interactive computer thingies, and of course, rare and cool stamps.

National Postal Museum lobby


So there you have the options for my first official Jaunt-and-Report. What’s it gonna be?




Photos 1 and 3 belong to the Smithsonian and their respective sites. Photo 2 was taken from Google. Thanks to whoever posted it.


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