Emerging from the nest.

“I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.” – MLK, Jr.

Are you doing anything special for this day of service?



I’m finally semi-settled into the new room! I love having my own space and not having to step around anybody else’s clothes on the floor. I’ve decorated a bit, but it still looks like an 18 year old’s college dorm room. The highly-anticipated trip to Ikea and The Container Store this week should remedy that a bit! I’m taking a friend who’s never to been to Ikea and I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she realizes how much space there is to walk through…. I haven’t actually disclosed that information, though I do believe she’s seen the outside of the behemoth the company calls a “store”. Pssh! More like four WalMarts and a Georgia Dome mashed together. I’m going to wait and do a larger room post until I get some better art; I have a reputation to uphold.


I’ve been doing some calculating, and if the college offers everything I need, I can be done with school in 2 semesters! Hopefully one of those semesters is this summer and I won’t have to live up here through April of 2012. I’ve been told that regular classes are offered for this program, unlike the traditional program where only a select handful of classes are scheduled. Now that I’ve decided to go back to NC immediately after finishing, I want to spend as little extra time in a dorm as possible. In order for all that to be possible, I need to be able to take a full load of classes over the summer, which means I need to be able to pay for said classes via financial aid. Fingers crossed that I haven’t used up all of my allotted monies already.


This weekend, I did not leave the dorm. Not once. Not to eat in the cafeteria, not to go get coffee, or see friends. I played the part of a hermit crab and nested, finishing unpacking and getting some semblance of order established in my new room. I hadn’t unpacked my clothes from the two weeks of Christmas break, then add an extra two weeks? Yea, it was an ordeal. I discovered that I don’t have enough hangers (maybe I left some at home?), so that prompted my pilgrimage to Ikea. There are two sets of closets in this room, so naturally I’ve taken over both of them. As soon as I get the maintenance department to fix one set of doors, I’ll be able to use one side for shoes, coats, and other accessories. I’ll also be able to store the elebenty-billion t-shirts I own, instead of storing them in reusable grocery bags as I am now. (I REALLY hope I don’t get a roommate. Where are they going to put their stuff?) I’m also on the hunt for a TV, seeing as how the dorm has cable (but yet we can’t work out wi-fi?). I’m all about me some Piers Morgan Tonight!


For those of you girls who get into makeup more than just a sweep of mascara and lip gloss (the anti-Lauras, basically), you might like this girl from the UK who does tutorials on YouTube. Her name is Lauren Luke and she’s quite famous. Thanks to the popularity of her videos, she now has her own cosmetic line sold at Sephora but has still managed to maintain her approachability that made her popular to begin with. Even if you’re not that into makeup, to watch her do some of the crazier looks is actually fascinating. I think, anyway… Here’s a link to one of her videos that features a look inspired by Angelina Jolie: Lauren Luke’s Makeup Tutorial.



Lauren Luke



Much love!



P.S.- Due to an incredible amount of Business Law reading, the Jaunt-and-Report to the Postal Museum will have to wait a bit…




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