Whole lotta love.

Name that band!


One afternoon, Dane and I were casually talking about engagement rings, generally discussing our thoughts about them (basically? I was giving him the Lo-down.) (Get it?). He said that he didn’t understand why women made such a big deal about the ring when someone they knew (or even someone they didn’t know) became engaged. Dane works in a hospital where there is an abundance of women all around him on a daily basis, so this is something he is subjected to frequently. I explained that women were generally excited for other women when major milestones happen. It’s a huge event in a girl’s life to meet the man you want to spend your life with and then for him to actually ask her to marry him? BIG DEAL. He just kind of shrugged and said, “I guess.” Pssh. Party pooper.

But the question did force my brain to fire a few extra synapses. Why DO we get so excited when a woman exclaims that she just became engaged? Or when she finds out she’s pregnant? Or when there’s a birthday or anniversary, why do we send cards? Ever stop to think about it? I wondered what would happen if we didn’t take pleasure in the small things, if we never stopped to celebrate. All the engagements that go unnoticed, the birthdays that come and go, and the job promotions that are never congratulated– would we even want to get out of bed anymore?




I think we squeal over engagement rings and cry over greeting cards because without these moments, we let the crappy days win. We let the death, sadness, frustration, and anger take over our lives with nothing to balance it all out. It’s the happy, squee moments that, while seemingly unimportant, remind us why we keep working hard and fighting for what’s right and good in the world. We need those random notes from our partners or the tears of joy with a newly-engaged friend to keep us grounded amidst the madness that quickly and insidiously creeps into our existences. So when I feel guilty about changing career paths from humanitarian aid to the soul-fulfilling bridal industry, this is what I think about and I realize I’m doing just as important work.




Moral of the story? Take some time to celebrate something, anything, no matter how seemingly insignificant.


Much love,




2 responses to “Whole lotta love.

  • Lynn

    Led Zeppelin!

    Also, I concur. Even if I don’t really -feel- the squee on another woman’s behalf (read: some co-workers), I can at least say the appropriate response: “Oh, how exciting!” “Aww, so cute!” … etc.

    It basically comes down to, even if I don’t feel the excitement myself, I know it’s important to her… whoever she is.

    Now, for true friends/family, there is no faking the squee-liness. 😉

  • Megan Boggess

    Name that band. Ha. Hahahahahaha! Filling your tip jar, one cackle at a time.

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