Your brain will turn to mush.


We’ve all heard that line before. The one that claims that watching too much television will turn your gray matter into oatmeal, and blah, blah, blah.

I’ve been telling people for quite a while now that I really don’t watch TV anymore. There was a point where I was so busy with school and work that watching the Boob Tube became a luxury instead of my usual routine.


Yes, I just said “boob”.


Anyhoo, it occurred to me today what a big, fat, juicy, honkin’ lie that really is.


I watch TV constantly, just not on an actual television.


Say it with me, people: Hulu.


Only the best website invented in the past 10 years!! Screw Facepage and Tweeter, I NEED HULU.


Let me run through a list of shows that I REGULARLY keep up with (there’s plenty more I randomly watch when this list is exhausted.) (How sad is that?):

Laura’s Visual Addictions

1. NCIS (Love, love, lurve!)


3. Private Practice (OH, the drama.)

4. Bones (I don’t recommend watching this while eating.)

5. The Good Wife (UH-mazing.)

6. Blue Bloods (Tom. Selleck.)

7. The Big Bang Theory

8. Human Target (Swoon.)

9. Harry’s Law (The new one with Kathy Bates? SO GOOD.)



So clearly, I don’t watch TV.



Just don’t take away my Internet.


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