Put a ring on it.

I’m so glad it’s Friday. IKEA Friday, to be exact. (Pictures will show up at some point. My friend who’s going has never been!) (I know! Can you believe it?)


I’m also glad to report that you can now reach my blog by its new url: www.acivilurbanity.com! I went ahead and claimed the domain, so IT’S MINE. ALL MINE! I’m pretty excited about it, to be honest. This is one of the reasons I switched to WordPress from Blogger; I really like the wide range of versatility WP offers. Anyone from amateurs to professionals can use the site and can adjust settings to whatever their knowledge base is. I also like that by having so many site-building options to choose from, it’s pushing me to want to learn more and make this blog the best EVER. Or at least really, really good.


In other news, Dane’s twin sister made me a ring for Christmas that I received in the mail today. I LOVE IT.

I LURVE the color.

Yes, “lurve” is a word.


The setting is fantastic. It feels the slightest bit Edwardian, no?


But it’s still modern and clean at the same time.


You can visit Lynn’s Etsy shop here (note that there will be more on her mad skillz later, yo).


I’m off to IKEA! Have a great afternoon!


Much love,




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