Ode to the Svedes.


Oh, IKEA. I’m in love with you. (Dane will understand.)

With your promises of a smooth, sleek, and chic lifestyle at crazy-affordable prices, what’s not to love?


This is just a third of the building, if that!

Your blue and yellow iconic warehouse-style building welcomes me from the start, calling me to approach the entrance.



This is my friend Missy, who had never been to IKEA before our trip. Both of us were incredibly excited by the time we parked.

Can’t you tell?



Missy is deliciously overwhelmed by the Swedish-design-at-Walmart-prices as soon as she walks through the doors!

(Those tables were $8!)



Both Megan and Missy are in disbelief over those prices! Crazy talk!



After thoroughly enjoying planning for when we live on our own, far, FAR away from a dormitory, we bought what we needed (and wanted), then headed back. I really needed a chair for my room so friends could have somewhere to sit other than my bed if the desk chair was taken. Since one of the ways IKEA keeps prices down is by having the customer assemble any type of furniture they sell, I had to put this chair together myself, which is what daddies and boyfriends are for. (Yes, I’m aware that I just negated 50 years of feminism, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t do it on my own, I just don’t want to.)


This is the wonderful final result. The legs and support rods are all solid metal and came in a box that was about an inch and a half wide and a foot and a half square. The seat was sold separately and as you see it. All told? The chair cost less than $20. I love IKEA.



These are the wonderful little mesh pencil holders that I bought for my makeup brushes. They come two to a pack, so I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the other one just yet (I already have a pen cup). They were only $2! Better than Walmart!!



The other thing I specifically and desperately needed were hangers. I have absolutely no idea where all of mine went, but when I unpacked from Christmas break, I was suddenly down 7 or 8 of the things. I didn’t bring that many new clothing items back, so I’m still confused. But anyway, fortunately IKEA sells solid wooden hangers at 5 for $2!! College students everywhere rejoice.


They really do have amazing prices on furniture that’s actually worth buying. It’s sturdy (as long as you put it together correctly) and stylish. For more traditional folks, like my sweet mama, they don’t leave you out, either. Carpets, art, furniture, and lighting selections will compliment your traditional colonial abode as well!

IKEA.com, the mother ship.


Jen Lancaster, one of my favorite snarky writers, has her own Big Three: Target, Trader Joe’s, and of course, IKEA. The girl don’t lie.


Let me know what’s your favorite item you’ve purchased at IKEA in the comments!


Much love,

IKEA-loving Lo


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One response to “Ode to the Svedes.

  • Lynn

    I can’t pick one favorite… My leather couch is from IKEA, as are my barstools, the entryway shelves… lots of other stuff!

    Lurve IKEA aka pi-KEA bot.

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