An open letter…to myself.

Sometimes, you need to stop telling yourself all the sucky things and remind yourself of your innate awesomeness. That’s what this post is about for me.


Dear Laura,

Yesterday included a mixture of victories and setbacks, though fortunately for you, there were more victories. You made it to breakfast. (Go you!) You kicked butt at work for the few hours you were there, clearing off 25 files, entering grade changes and some challenge exam results, wo-manning the phone, and helping students in the office. You ate a healthy lunch (albeit a bland one), you had positive social interaction, and managed to only consume one travel mug of coffee. (Keeping those kidneys for a while.)

The afternoon held the setbacks, though nothing irreversible. While Bejeweled Blitz appreciates your support, more than a few minutes of playing at a time might hurting you more than it helps them. And the bean dip and guacamole leftover from the Most Amazing Super Bowl of My Adult Life? Did you have to make that dinner? Also, shopping for shoes and purses you’ll never afford in your 20’s (and 30’s?) is detrimental to your mental health as it does not breed an environment of contentment, which is crucial to a long and happy life.

But let’s get back to the positive. Upon realizing that a nap wasn’t going to happen, despite the less-than-six hours of sleep you received the night before, you were wise to get up and start doing…well, I can’t remember what you actually did, but the point is you didn’t languish. You got up, did some cleaning, then popped in your favorite Tae-Bo dvd and worked out. (10 bonus points for you!!) Didn’t you feel great afterward? A little pooped, to be sure, but nothing’s so rewarding as a good session with the giant karate-boxer with a lisp. After a warm shower and some final straightening (read: Bejeweled Blitz), you were tired enough to actually fall asleep when you laid down.

You did great yesterday! Even your setbacks yielded some fruits, such as the pictures below:








Looks like somebody’s been playing with the buttons on their new camera!!


All in all a great day. Now there are just two days left before you fly home to your family, friends, and sweet man, and you’ve got A TON of stuff to do before you’re ready to leave. Let’s start a pattern, shall we? (Although when you start out the morning reading a recipe for Nutella-coated bacon that your man’s sister sent you, you’re not sure about keeping the good days going.) (Is there NO END to the temptation one must endure??)


Much love,

Your Self


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