For the past few days, I’ve been languishing in North Carolina with my family and my sweet man. Other than running around to visit various friends and family members, I haven’t done anything. It’s been wonderful.

I flew home on Thursday out of Reagan National Airport and was fortunate enough to have the ENTIRE row to myself. That hasn’t happened for me….ever. I’m usually stuck next to a sweaty man who has no personal boundaries and I end up getting smacked in the head by the drink cart while the flight attendant pours Bloody Marys. Good times. I then flew from Charlotte to Asheville and again, the universe aligned and I had the row to myself. Who needs first class? (Okay, fine. Me.)

I’ve been trying to take better pictures no matter where I’m at or what I’m doing. It dawned on me that  my camera has all these capabilities that I know nothing about…despite reading the user’s manual. So I decided to chuck the manual and just start pushing buttons, figuring out what things do by their results. There’s definitely some stuff you guys cannot see, or would want to, but I’m going to show some of my favorites to you here….


My beloved city and home state from the air.

(Click on a photo to see it full size.)



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