Something about the forest and the trees?

As I write this post, I’m running late for work, I haven’t showered, and I really don’t plan to. I have homework to do, floors to vacuum, a resume to tweak, trash to take out, dishes to clean, and I’ll be working until 5. I have destination blogs to write (and I have to actually get out to said destinations for material first), I have personal writing to do (helps me vent), school to pay for, tutoring to accomplish, internships to procure, summer housing details to solidify, and a lack of motivation to do it all. I know we all have a million things to do that may or may not be getting done, but I just needed to lay mine out there. I probably shouldn’t have, because now I’m completely daunted instead of only a little daunted. I have all this stuff to do and nothing to balance it with. Something that’s good for the soul, so to speak. I need to exercise, sing, write, or maybe all three. Sigh.

Also? I miss this man:



Signing off to whine the day away,



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