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Tumblr Edition


Hey everybody!

Just wanted to let you know that a civil urbanity now has a tumblr edition! I like the quick-posting format, especially since I’m sure I annoy my FB friends by filling up their news feed with random stuff…

I might be addicted to the Internet.  Maybe.


Check it out and let me know what you think!

Much love,





One of my bestest homies, who now lives in Barely Civilization, Montana, writes a pretty great blog called A New Kind of Normal. She’s a mom raising two VERY strong willed little girls (who happen to be GORGEOUS) and she writes about the craziness of being a stay-at-home mom. For April Fool’s Day, she’s giving away a pair of earrings that I made for her readers! They’re really cute and I definitely had a hard time giving them up. Go check out her site and sign up to win these too-cool-for-school earrings!

So that’s what, 12,000 words?


This past weekend, I took advantage of the beautiful sunny weather and braved the tourists to go downtown. I went to the National Mall to take some pictures and be lazy, but the wind was insane, so I quickly took my pictures and ran inside the Smithsonian Castle. In all reality, I should have expected the wind, since it’s characteristic of this time of year in D.C. I don’t know if it’s lake-effect wind coming off of the ocean or what, but it’s pretty fierce (thank you, Tyra Banks). I was especially excited to see some cherry trees blooming already. Can’t wait for the festival!