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One of my bestest homies, who now lives in Barely Civilization, Montana, writes a pretty great blog called A New Kind of Normal. She’s a mom raising two VERY strong willed little girls (who happen to be GORGEOUS) and she writes about the craziness of being a stay-at-home mom. For April Fool’s Day, she’s giving away a pair of earrings that I made for her readers! They’re really cute and I definitely had a hard time giving them up. Go check out her site and sign up to win these too-cool-for-school earrings!




Ramblin’ (wo)Man


So apparently the Oscars were Monday night, at least that’s what my favorite fashion blogs tell me. As usual, I  haven’t seen a single one of the Best Picture nominees this year, though I think if there was ever a year where I would watch any of them, it would be this one. I’ll probably watch “The King’s Speech” while I’m at home this weekend and I definitely still want to see “True Grit”. Which is out of character, considering how much I’ve cringed in the past when forced to watch Westerns with my father when he was playing Couch Commando (name that movie). Clearly, the wounds are deep.

My best dressed award goes to…


The daring Cate Blanchett. Who else could pull this dress off effortlessly and make it look amazing? Let’s face it: this is dress is weird, but on her? LOVE. Besides, any woman who played Katharine Hepburn as well as she did in The Aviator has my vote by default. And if you look at the rest of the group, most did predictable shapes, colors, and/or a combination of both, while a good handful did of designers did just plain wrong by their celebrity models. Case in point:




This is Melissa Leo from The Fighter and no. Just no.



I also decided today that I’m kinda sorta maybe possibly definitely living more like a bachelor and less like a bachelorette right now. There’s FOUR BAGS OF TRASH that need to go out (I’m way too lazy to walk behind the dorm to the dumpster) (in case that wasn’t obvious), I’ve definitely worn jeans that I’ve picked up out of the floor (okay, that might not be shocking to some of you), and there’s hair in the sink, which is typically an abomination. On the other hand, I do have well-organized drawers for all of my unmentionables, so that’s something.

In all seriousness, I need to buy a drawer set to put my overflow of office supplies, etc., in. I’m thinking this:

HELMER Drawer unit on casters silver color Width: 11 " Depth: 16 3/4 " Height: 27 1/8 "  Width: 28 cm Depth: 43 cm Height: 69 cm

Of course it’s from Ikea and it’s only $40! Granted I’d spend all afternoon putting it together, but isn’t that what your 20s are all about? Figuring out life the hard way? I also like that I could use it in a normal home someday (assuming that college doesn’t turn out to actually be a purgatory of some sort and the Catholics were right).




I recently promised a friend I’d make her some earrings to give away on her blog that she maintains to keep her sanity while raising two young’uns while her husband works and goes to school. I’ve been looking for some inspiration, as I’m going to finish them this weekend, so of course, I went to Etsy.

Here’s a few of my favorites (click on the pictures for buying information):


Bubble and Vintage Blue Earrings on Sterling Silver Earwires

I really like that these are simple enough to wear during the day, yet they’re still fun and flirty.


RUBY BRIOLETTES and GOLD Oriental Earrings (242-715)

Wouldn’t these be great with a little black dress? In Paris?


Silver Chic and Unique hoops with yellow glass

White t-shirt, dark jeans, tan wedges, great summer bag, and these earrings.




Speaking of summer, I’m actually looking forward to it.



(No, this isn’t my way of telling you I’m going to Hawaii this summer.) (Much to my dismay.)




Much love,



P.S.- For the record, the Ikea picture and the Etsy pictures belong to their respective owners, while all the others are courtesy of whoever posted them for me to find on Google.

Sweet Baby Dane.


Well that was an awfully pathetic bit of wallowing wasn’t it? Sorry about that. It was an especially rough week for a myriad of reasons, though none really mean anything. But the good news is that it’s over and I’m back to my typically glass-half-full self.

I’m really not a Debbie Downer all the time, I promise, though it may seem like it lately. I’m quite thankful for all the amazing things and people in my life, and for the opportunity to be vocal about them. I figure it’s a first step to even verbalize what you’re thankful for, because if you’re busy being thankful, it’s hard to be discontented. Hopefully.

I’ve mentioned and discussed Dane quite a bit on this blog, but never really given him his own post. And as I’m completely thankful that this man has entered into, and stayed in, my life, I feel he deserves a bit more than what I’ve given here.

A few weeks ago, I went home for a long weekend to celebrate our first Valentine’s Day together (squee!) and his birthday on the 15th. It had been since the first of January since we’d seen each other, so we were long-overdue for some hang time. We had a great time together, had our first fight, celebrated, and wore ourselves out trying to see friends and family for the short time I was home.

Our fight wasn’t this knock-down, drag-out ordeal that I typically enjoy (I like yelling), but centered around some stuff that we needed to discuss but didn’t when it was relevant, so it had festered for a while. We worked out the details and actually communicated, which is amazing. I still don’t think I’ve ever had a relationship, platonic or otherwise, that involved this much communicating. We talk through an uncomfortable situation instead of getting mad and walking out (or just yelling). By the time we’d communicated ourselves to death, both of us felt better and it was over. This gives me hope for the future…

Normally, I don’t buy into Valentine’s Day, and neither does Dane. But since this was our first, I wanted to make it more than just another day. Considering both of us are in college and leaning towards the broke side of life, we weren’t going to go crazy (and probably wouldn’t have if we could have), but we did do the requisite going out to eat and exchanging of gifts. We just did it our way.

Because I’m a four year-old child when it comes to gifts, and I knew he’d bought me something, I was trying to get him to cave and give them to me early the entire weekend. (Dane doesn’t have a great track record with keeping presents a secret, and I’m thoroughly impressed he was able to do so.) (The Force is strong with this one.) So at 12 a.m. Monday morning, he gave me my presents, primarily because he wanted me to JUST SHUT UP ALREADY.

This is what I received:


Aren’t they adorable? He remembered me saying I loved them when I saw them in an Etsy shop. So proud of that man!


Here’s the back side. Just simple little posts, but I love them so much!



This is the ring he bought that ended up being a bit small, which is also from Etsy. He realized this before he gave it to me and bought a silver chain so I could wear it as a necklace, which I may have done anyway. Say it with me folks: AWWWW!!!

During the day, we decided to go to Cracker Barrel for lunch. This pleased meh. I hate that I live so far away from one up here, so it was a treat anyway, but then we decided to go all out and order dessert (PINEAPPLE. UPSIDE. DOWN. CAKE. A. LA. MODE.) and make it our Valentine’s meal out. And you know what? That totally worked for us. We avoided all of the crowds that would be out for dinner and we had a great server who wasn’t trying to take care of 82 other tables. For us, it was perfect.

Later that night, we went to the Grove Park Inn to sit in the lounge and enjoy the fire and piano music. We sat on plush leather couches, watched other couples walking around, and talked. We had a little alcove for ourselves and it was pretty darn romantic. I was able to sit and spend time with the man I love without any pretenses. A perfect day.

As I mentioned earlier, we celebrated Dane’s birthday before Valentine’s day with my parents. We had an amazing dinner from the grill and then cookie cake and ice cream. We played dominoes like two old couples (I won both games) and overall, I think Dane really enjoyed himself. He definitely deserves to, after all the blood, sweat, and tears he dishes out between work, school, and me.


To lick the candle, or not to lick the candle?

Definitely lick the candle!!

He looks so mischievous here… Not to mention like those cats whose pupils dilate once they’ve fixated on a target.


Go Packers!

(He would like all of you to know that he was a Packers fan long before they won this year’s Super Bowl. Just for the record.)


I’m incredibly thankful for the love Dane gives; it’s unconditional and complete, and something I’ve never experienced before. He’s funny, sweet, humble, hardworking, good to his mama, and basically everything I wanted a man to be for me. We work together well, figuring out solutions to the problems that are presented before us and that, I’ve learned, is priceless. I’m proud of the work he has chosen to undertake by going back to school (the smarty pants already has a bachelor’s and a certification), knowing that part of the work is so that we can have a better life together in the future. I’ve pretty much bagged a good ‘un, and I plan to keep him!


Much love,